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  • Very happy with the service. Fast and professional installation with high quality material. Highly recommended company.
    Gaetano, Rostrevor
  • AESS stocked the panels and inverter I was seeking but more importantly they have a very sound reputation. Jarrod both designs and installs the systems. Whole process was professional and I was very happy with all aspects including the installation. In a crowded market AESS stand out.

    Stuart, Adelaide
  • Just thought I would feedback my experience with a 4.5kW system AESS installed today. Firstly Jarrod who is active on the forum here (JayT1) has been my point of contact and after a couple of initial calls, a site inspection and quotation we gave AESS the go ahead and place the order. Was impressed how Jarrod prepared the quotation explaining fully what we could expect from the system.

    Anyway Jarrod, Tu, Peter and Brett arrived on time this morning and I have to say they worked like a swiss watch. I come from a TV broadcast engineering background and fully understand the difference between an ordinary installation and a professional one. The installation is totally fact I would say it was more an engineered installation rather than just an installation. Their attention to detail exceptional. In between 3 showers which didn't phase them too much the whole install took the guys 4 hours. They cleaned the site and left it as they found it apart from the equipment they installed.

    Jarrod ran through the operation of the system and then handed me a bound PV System Design and Manual folder. The folder contained a design summary, evaluation of design, system design line diagram, cleaning instructions, shutdown procedure, maintenance schedule matrix, SMA inverter info, ET Panel spec, warranty info on all components, SEG Approval, installation and commissioning form and electrical certificate of compliance. Very professional I thought. Biggest buzz for the day was seeing the old ETSA meter spin backwards! It is an overcast and mostly cloudy day here in Adelaide so I can't wait to see what it can generate on a hot sunny day. Unfortunately the analog ETSA meter is to be replaced on the 1st of May with their digital one. Anyway can highly recommend AESS based on our experience. The AESS guys were a pleasure to have on our site. Very Happy!

    Ian F, Athelstone
  • I had 3.5 kW system installed by Jarrod and the AESS crew back in May and couldn't be happier with the outcome. I spent several months researching all the different options available before choosing to go with AESS, mainly based on the glowing recommendations from Whirlpool. Jarrod is an active contributor to Whirlpool too, which I also appreciate. After investing a great deal of time (and money!) in the project, it was great to have the system installed by someone who devotes an equal amount of pride in delivering a professional result. The whole process with dealing with AESS was smooth, and there was never any pressure to sign up to anything quickly.

    I ended up choosing to use 14 panels and 14 Enecsys single panel micro inverters. The micros cost more than using a central inverter but were necessary to avoid having to bolt a big inverter onto the heritage-listed building. I also bought an Internet gateway which automatically uploads the data from each individual microinverter to the Enecsys monitoring Web site. I'm very pleased with the Enecsys micros and hope they live up to their expected 25 year life. The only unfortunate thing is I took so long to make a decision that I didn't have the system installed until the start of winter, so I'll have to wait a few months to enjoy the thrill of seeing it perform to its full capacity! Thanks again Jarrod and AESS, and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I come across who is looking to install solar in Adelaide.

    Nick M, Mount Pleasant
  • AESS supplied considerable additional information (specifications of panels and inverter, cost breakdown for various sized systems, feed in tariff information and estimated time to recover cost of system through savings) along with their initial quote. The price was fixed with no extras and no variation due to change in REC prices. The system was installed within the time frame promised and included a maintenance manual with all necessary technical information, maintenance and cleaning procedures, warranties, etc. The work was completed neatly and efficiently. The only thing not included was the import/export meter. Our installer has arranged for this to be installed by ETSA who charge for this separately.

    John, SA
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