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We have just introduced the new Fronius Primo inverter to our range and it is now one of our best sellers!

The Fronius Primo comes with a 10 year Warranty and inbuilt Wifi that uploads to the Solar Log Monitoring Portal.

For a small fee the Fronius can also be coupled with the Fronius Energy Meter enabling access to consumption/generation and export data.

LG systems can also be made up using the all black 270W Mono X panels.

Please enquire if you wish for pricing on these options.


System Size: 3.135kW

Panels: 11 x LG 285W Mono X (LG285SIC-L4)

Inverter: Fronius 3kW (Primo 3.0)

Average Daily Generation: 13.6kWh/day

Approximate Yearly Saving: $900-$1100


System Size: 4.125kW

Panels: 15 x LG 285W Mono X (LG285SIC-L4)

Inverter: Fronius 4kW (Primo 4.0)

Average Daily Generation: 18.6kWh/day

Approximate Yearly Saving: $1300-$1600


System Size: 4.95kW

Panels: 18 x LG 285W Mono X (LG285SIC-L4)

Inverter: Fronius 5kW (Primo 5.0)

Average Daily Generation: 22.3kWh/day

Approximate Yearly Saving: $1600-$2000


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