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Enphase is our Micro Inverter Option and we believe Enphase to be the best micro inverter on the market. 

In shaded situations or if you want per panel monitoring Enphase will be your choice.


System Size: 3.025kW

Panels: 11 x LG285W (LG285SIC-L4)


Inverter: 11 x Enphase M250 

Average Daily Generation: 14.2kWh/day

Approximate Yearly Saving: $900-$1100




System Size: 4.125kW

Panels: 15 x LG285W (LG285SIC-L4)

Inverter: 15 x Enphase M250 

Average Daily Generation: 19.4kWh/day

Approximate Yearly Saving: $1300-$1600




System Size: 4.95kW

Panels: 18 x LG285W (LG285SIC-L4)

Inverter: 18 x Enphase M250

Average Daily Generation: 23.3kWh/day

Approximate Yearly Saving: $1600-$2000




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