Our LG/SMA systems using LG 285W Mono X2 solar panels coupled with a SMA inverter is one of our best sellers. You can’t beat the quality of the LG/SMA combo which is why most of our customers choose this option.



System Size: 3kW

Panels: 11 x LG 285W Mono X (LG285SIC-L4)

Inverter: SMA 3kW (SB3000TL-21)

Average Daily Generation: 12.6kWh/day

Approximate Yearly Saving: $900-$1100




System Size: 4kW

Panels: 14 x LG 285W Mono X (LG285SIC-L4)

Inverter: SMA 4kW (SB4000TL-21)

Average Daily Generation: 16.8kWh/day

Approximate Yearly Saving: $1300-$1600




System Size: 5kW

Panels: 18 x LG 285W Mono X (LG285SIC-L4)

Inverter: SMA 5kW (SB5000TL-21)

Average Daily Generation: 21kWh/day

Approximate Yearly Saving: $1600-$2000




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